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Pivotal Sports Management helps connect the dots for athletes depending on where they are at in their career. Whether an athlete is looking to enter the MLB draft, needs help managing their career professionally or is interested in taking college career to the next level, Pivotal utilizes its relationships with coaches, scouts, agents and front office executives – as well as its deep knowledge, experience and connections in professional and college baseball, health, nutrition, mental training and life skills – to help each individual through that process. We believe every athlete has a unique story and we work closely with each player to ensure we are helping them put their best foot forward, maximizing their physical and mental abilities and working with them to ensure they meet the goals they have set for themselves. We believe it is critical to not just focus on on-field performance but to help players through holistic goal setting in an effort to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing as well. Please click the links below for more information on each type of service:

Draft Advisement/Player Representation
College Recruiting Advisement
Health Coaching
Life Skills