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Our connections to college coaches, professional scouts, professional coaches, front office executives and other agents give us a unique perspective on how the industry operates from the inside out. Whether you are looking to maximize your college opportunity, want to pursue a career in sports or put your team’s best feet forward, we will help you navigate through the process and put you in a favorable position to achieve your specific goals.


For those athletes who aspire to play at the collegiate level, our goal is to help guide the player and his family through the recruiting process and give them an understanding of what to expect and what steps they need to take. Services include:

  • Educating the player on the recruiting process
  • Conducting a player assessment

  • Discussing current opportunities

  • Doing a live or online video analysis

  • Making connections to college coaches


We’ll take your team through a personalized Pro Style workout right at your own playing field or facility.

  • Get educated on what college recruiters and MLB scouts are looking for in their top recruits

  • Receive in-depth feedback from a former MLB Scout and staff to get a better sense of where your team stands in playing capabilities and strengths

  • Be prepared for your next big showcase


We can also be a consultant to those individuals who are looking to secure a career in sports. Each client will get direct, one-on-one counsel with a specific recommendation based on their needs.

  • Learn how the process works, along with the realities of pay, time investments and competition for positions

  • Receive personalized recommendations based on background

  • Resume review and guidance

Once we put your plan together, it is paramount for you be proactive in executing your plan daily, weekly and monthly. Together, we will not only focus on what you need to work on, but capitalize on your strengths. Every situation is different but as long as there is a process and a sincere desire, reaching your goal is attainable.