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Although the MLB draft process, and pursuing a professional baseball career, can be an exciting and exhilarating time, it’s paramount an athlete is ready for what lies ahead. The Pivotal Sports team is at the ready to navigate players and their families through the behind the scenes realities of the entire MLB selection process from a true insider’s perspective – from the months leading up to the draft to the conversations and planning that take place in the war room. We also provide legal counsel as it becomes necessary, guiding players through the negotiation process to create as much leverage as possible. We provide honest advice to ensure informed decisions are being made now and in the future and explain the legal implications of contract language so there are no surprises in the future. Services include:

  • Provide MLB organizational research so each player/family is well informed on each team

  • Issue verbal and written evaluations as well as educate athletes on the MLB grading scale to give insight regarding what scouts are truly looking for

  • Give a behind the scenes perspective on what happens in the draft room and why certain decisions are made

  • Counsel athletes on each MLB team’s infrastructure, including front office, minor league and scouting departments, to ensure they are mentally prepared as draft time approaches

  • Advise players on business decisions

  • Provide life coaching on transitioning to a professional lifestyle

  • Prepare players for exposure to the media and proper presence within the sports industry

  • Provide life and career coaching to help maximize long-term success

  • Bring in the right specialists to ensure players have what it takes to play at the MLB level, especially as it relates to physical wellbeing, health and nutrition, and mental toughness – a unique offering many agencies don’t provide

  • Identify appropriate sponsorship and marketing opportunities to help advance a player’s brand and personal and professional image

  • Media and “presence” training to help catapult an athlete into the mainstream

  • Serve as a liaison for players and front office executives

  • Counsel on business decisions

  • Negotiating major league contracts and guide players through trade deal